What does software development look like? Here’s a short video / visualisation of the creation of Mu as told via the interactions, interventions and changes by developers to Mu’s own source code hosted on GitHub.

What exactly are you looking at?

  • The faces represent the developers.
  • The multi-coloured blobs are the source code files that make up Mu.
  • The lines between the source code blobs show how the files are organised together into directories.
  • As time passes, developers can be seen to change, add and delete files as the project matures.

I used the gource tool turn the commit history of Mu’s development on GitHub into a video. I added some Creative Commons licensed music and the results look and sound quite effective. What I really like is how the video reflects the wide variety of people and types of contributions made to the source code for Mu. Together, we’re continuing to build the best editor we possibly can for beginner programmers and those who support them.