If you’re a mutineering mutant into playful hacking of embedded hardware with CircuitPython or MicroPython then check out the new video newsletter from Adafruit.

It’s a quick summary of all that’s been happening in the world of embedded Python. Fun facts revealed in the show include such nuggets as the number of pages of projects, tutorials and how-tos about CircuitPython on the Adafruit website as well as the number of drivers for different devices compatible with CircuitPython. The numbers quoted show the growing momentum behind Python on embedded devices. This is good news!

It was also great to see two Mu contributors (Radomir and Josh) have their work featured. Radomir’s inventive hardware hacking is a thing of wonder, while Josh’s work on the EduBlocks project is, quite simply, inspiring stuff (especially when you consider he’s only 14 years old!).

Finally, Limor, Phil and the wider CircuitPython team at Adafruit deserve kudos and all sorts of accolades for their amazing work building such a welcoming, dynamic and creative community around CircuitPython. As the project tag-line says, “Code + Community = CircuitPython”. Thank you for all the work you do!