New year, new Mu! We’re very happy to release the next version of Mu, version 1.0.2. Please update to this release.

This is a bug fix release with numerous contributions from our growing community of volunteer developers. Collectively, we’ve managed to fix and improve many of the things users have been telling us about. Please see the release notes (linked to above) for details of the fixes made.

As always, if you spot any bugs, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thanks especially to GitHub user @Linguini2004, Craig Steele, John Guan, Tiago Montes, Tim Golden, Carlos Pereira Atencio, GitHub user @wu6692776, Eberhard Fahle, Limor Fried, Tim McCurrach and Brent Rubell for their valuable contributions.

Onwards and upwards! Next stop 1.1.