I was recently contacted by Mitsuharu Aoyama (青山光春), a Japanese maker and author. It turns out they’ve written a cool book about using CircuitPython on the Circuit Playground Express with Mu. Not only is it really great to see folks write about Mu, but the book has wonderful Manga artwork.

Many congratulations to everyone involved in publishing this book..!

Mitsuharu is part of STEAM Tokyo whose activities you can follow on Twitter.

Our paths had crossed via Twitter while the book was written and I was rather pleased to see the origin story for the name “Mu” got a mention since I shared it with Mitsuharu in a tweet. As you’ll read below (and in typical fashion for me), there are many layers to my reason for the choice of name.

Most of all, I’m pleased such a book exists because it’s validation that all the work done by the volunteers who contribute to Mu is paying off, especially so when it comes to translation and accessibility efforts. Folks all over the world see value in using Mu to help with their journey into programming, especially when used with wonderful projects such as Adafruit’s CircuitPython and their amazing line of boards.

If you’re a Japanese speaker, a teacher of Japanese students or Japanophile you can purchase the book from our friends over at Adafruit.