At last, after what feels like a huge amount of time and effort, we’re delighted to release a new stable release of Mu. You can download it here.

Huge thanks to the many many contributors who volunteered their time to help make this happen. If you want to see the making of Mu unfold, check out this video (can you spot the “deliberate mistake”?):

What exactly are you looking at?

  • The faces represent the developers.
  • The multi-coloured blobs are the source code files that make up Mu.
  • The lines between the source code blobs show how the files are organised together into directories.
  • As time passes, developers can be seen to change, add and delete files as the project matures.

Kudos and thanks to Mu contributors RPLKTR for the music and Hawkz for the animated logo.

This final release includes the following highlights and changes:

  • Minor clean ups in the Makefile.
  • Thank you to @microbit-mark for updating the board IDs to support version 2.2 of the device.
  • Updates to the Chinese translation by @CSharperMantle. 謝謝。
  • Updates to the Slovak translation by @bletvaska. Ďakujem.
  • The foundations of a brand new Russian translation of Mu by @grovz with contributions from @iamdbychkov. спасибо!
  • Thanks to @MinoruInachi (with feedback from @odaki) for a revised Japanese translation for Mu. ありがとうございます
  • Due to complicated dependency problems, we've updated the bundled version of Flask to 2.0.3. Thanks to @carlosperate for quickly resolving this problem.
  • Due to limitations in the way Windows MSI installers work, we're releasing this version as 1.1.1 (rather than 1.1.0).

That’s it..! Please provide bug reports or feedback via our GitHub repository.

Next stop, Mu2.0. If you’d like to help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.